23 March 2008

How to Inform Your Readers: the Gay Agenda

I hear that foot tapping everyone, and it had better be the impatience of waiting for this post.

Have you ever been jammed by a homosexual? It's not as fun as you might think! According to Natalie Bell, "jamming" is the "public smearing of Christians, traditionalists or anyone else who opposes the "gay" agenda." Oh man, I can't believe the homosexuals think they can have an opinion! About their own lives!

Now, read the press release and just try to find out what exactly took place. I bet you can't! Bell tells us a Republican from Oklahoma was, is, has been, will be, or might be "jammed." Bummer. I'll bet this representative hasn't even said anything inflammatory. If she did, Bell wouldn't tell us.

Another great feature: taking Scripture so far out of context as to imply the Pharisees were asking Jesus about homosexual marriage.

Today's lesson? You deserve to have an agenda. The opposition does not..

Wait, you don't think she got paid for that, do you?

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