23 March 2008

How to Learn Theology

You've never heard of WinterBand or ChristianFamilyTube.com? Really?

A note about the latter, which kindly hosts the former: Think YouTube without all the bawdiness and sinfulness and twice as many videos of "pets" being "cute." They want you to "Help us help you to advance His Kingdom!"

After watching videos from categories as diverse as "comedy/funny," "pets/animals," "supernatural events," and "spiritual miscellaneous," I feel like Jesus really spoke to me. I think he was saying, "The seclusion of the Church from culture at large is not turning into the widespread redemption of creation I had hoped."

Just kidding, I didn't hear Jesus say anything. That'd be crazy.

But I did learn something important and uplifting from the following video of "Trinity Schminity" written by Steve Winter (not related to Edgar) and performed by WinterBand: If you can modify the first syllable using the letters "Schm," it's not a good doctrine.

Thank you to the Department of Corrections, indeed! Also, notice how Elijah returns just to play acoustic guitar for this song.

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