27 March 2008

Misuse of Statistics on the Rise

A UK group, Scripture Union (via their online resource WordLive), claims that a recent study proves that an increase in adultery shows a decrease in morality.

Doesn't it just prove an increase in the number of polls and studies about adultery? I'm not sure when this magical golden age was when everyone did what was right all the time, but it sounds like a hell of a time. Or should I say, a heaven of a time?

Sure, I'd love to live in a society where morals are and always have been black and white. But morals come in just about every color. Frankly, I blame TechnoColor. It may have improved our televisions, but it destroyed our society.

The good news is that in the future, we can look back and think about the days when people weren't committing adultery. How, if this study proves that people are committing adultery, are we going to do that? Simple. I use a little principle my dysfunctional family taught me. If you believe a lie now, in the future, you'll think it's true.

So, just as we all pretend the past was much more moral than the present, let's also pretend that the present is much more moral than it is. See? Doesn't it feel good to know that years from now you'll have something completely untrue to bitch about?

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Unknown said...

hee hee hee.

i remember being at a particularily lame baptist church in rochester where the preacher used as an argument about the degredation of society that there is even a book that teaches us "how to lie with statistics"... i'm not sure he even took the time to read the back cover. he also devistated 100s of children with his off the cuff remark that "[we] probably tell our kids there is an easter bunny and santa claus too!" ahh, the sweetness of true morality... and the definition of truth that my dear mr. gagnon has put forth in this little diatribe. :)