10 April 2008

Captions? More Like, Craptions!

There are so many things wrong with the following cover. Can you find them all? Can you write an awesome caption for it?

Sowing Atheism Cover


Scottish said...

I'll find wrong things rather than caption.

First: They used Papyrus.
Second: They used 3 different typefaces.
Third: They omitted the comma preceding the Junior designation.
Fourth: They employed a hideous white on tan gradient.

Unknown said...

They are trying, unsuccessfully, to destory the sacred name bowie... by sacred i mean awesome.

Ben said...

Yeah, putting "they're descended from" instead of the correct "they descended from" or "they are decedents of" obviously wasn't caught by the Liberty College freshman intern they have proofing their book covers. Maybe they were just too busy looking up the grammar for the correct placement of the apostrophe in "Sciences'"... which they still managed to screw up, because there is only one National Academy of Sciences, hence no plural possession.

My caption would be, "Please, please, please punch me in the face, real hard. Because after that punch in the face, I guess looking at this book cover isn't so bad after all."