02 April 2008

The Craziest Idea

Plenty of people have crazy ideas at some time in their lives. Some people are crazy enough to form cults or run for government positions. I have only ever discovered one person crazy enough to invent the craziest idea in the world— an idea so crazy, the category had to be invented especially for it. That crazy idea is "Time Cube." That crazy person is Gene Ray, the self-titled wisest human.

I can say confidently that Gene Ray is batshit insane. To be fair, I haven't read everything available on the site, so I can't in good conscience say that Gene Ray is completely batshit insane.

My favorite part is, after scrolling through endless axiomatic monstrosities, reading one which condemns the "Word World," immediately followed by the "Next Page" link. Awesome.

Second most awesome? Never adequately describing this "Time Cube" in the course of the barely readable, largely incoherent accusations that everybody else is stupid and preventing the truth about Time Cube from being known.

Third most awesome goes to what turns out to be a contender for the most arrogantly titled "About Me" page on the internet: The Power Above God.

Anything else I might say will be far less hilarious than reading a portion— any portion— of the site. Enjoy the non-reality.


Mel said...

No, I'm pretty sure Gene Ray is completely batshit insane. But that's only my educated stupid opinion.

Unknown said...

Um...soo I'm pretty sure someone smarter than God could actually manage to have some semblance of grammar...batshit insane for sure.