19 April 2008

The Gang Goes Green

Know what's pretty great? The environment. It's not just for hippies anymore!

I was down with this whole helping the earth thing way before that Al Gore movie. What was it called? An Inconvenient Weight Gain? I forget. I'm still glad he made it, because the film brought environmentalism into the mainstream. Chicks dig guys who go green!

Now everyone wants to save the world. The hardest part is coming up with your own list of ten simple ways your readers can do it.* Other than that, it's a great trend— and a great way to boost your own self-righteousness! Who doesn't love a good false sense of superiority?

The best part is letting corporations do the work for you. They just tell you what products are green, and you can pick them up right off the shelf. You can feel like you're really making a difference without having to drastically change your way of life! And hybrid cars? Sexy!

Oh, and did you remember Earth Day yesterday? I sure did. And it made me feel fantastic.

So, if you're stuck feeling guilty about your own overconsumption and reckless wastefulness, join the rest of us who love to hold it over your head that we recycle paper and plastic. Come on. Be a part of Gang Green!

*Note to self: come up with ten ways my readers can save the world.

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