25 April 2008

How to Disagree with Josh

Did you catch yesterday's post? Did you disagree with Josh, as I did?

Now you can create your own "I Agree With…" campaign. Who will you choose? I know who I would pick for mine: me.

And while you might be noticing glaring grammatical errors in the document, your intellectual objections in that arena are nothing more than a smokescreen for a sinful heart. In fact, I'm putting that in my statement!

Did you also notice how much it'll cost to run this campaign? Around eight thousand dollars. Do you know how much I spent writing this post, in which I wholeheartedly agree with my own ideas? Nothing.

And the time commitment? I spent almost a quarter hour on this, and a good three minutes of that was getting a glass of root beer. Three months is just ridiculous.

I could go on with lots of ways writing a cheap blog post is better than running a big long campaign, but I think instead, I'll just go have a real beer. That's another for my statement of faith!

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