27 April 2008

How to Displease Everyone

It seems like all you have to do to displease everyone is become honorary chairman of the National Day of Prayer.

Poor Dr. Ravi Zacharias. I thought his prayer was pretty good. I'm not sure how you'd object to it.

As it turns out, nobody liked much of what went on on the National Day of Prayer. On one side are those calling for an inclusive day of prayer, asserting that the "National day of prayer has been hijacked!" Bummer.

On the other side are people who accuse Dr. Zacharias of leaving out Jesus' name so as not to offend other religions. They go so far as to find it "appalling that Dr. Zacharias is willing to capitulate to the un-Scriptural, interfaith ecumenism and discard the name of Jesus."

My advice is, if you get asked to give a prayer at the National Day of Prayer, instead of trying to give an appropriate, thoughtful prayer, maybe just flip everyone the bird and say something like, "Suck it, monkeys, I'm going corporate!"


Unknown said...

Yeah, I thought this was sad because I'm a big fan of Ravi's work. I listen to his podcast and while I don't necessarily agree with some of the logical tracks he goes down (especially those that deal with science) I respect the amount of thought he puts into things.

Anonymous said...

i miss you sometimes, kid.

Scottish said...

Yeah, pretty outrageous that people (monotheistic people, at least) would be so horribly offended by that prayer. Ravi's a good guy, and he doesn't deserve all that crap.