10 April 2008

I Hope They're Recording This

Things that promise to be awesome: a jazz Mass written by Winton Marsalis.

In many of the churches I've attended, the union of music and liturgy is a tremendous mess. In more so-called "traditional" services, the music and liturgy tend to work well, but the music— while high-quality— is almost entirely outdated and divorced from current cultural trends.

On the other hand, churches with more allegedly "contemporary" services have music that tends to lack liturgical significance as well as quality. And, while guitars and drums might seem to indicate an embrace of cultural music trends, the reality is that the musical style and forms used are co-opted by outreach. The purpose isn't quality music as an offering to God, but advertising for potential newcomers. It's not an embrace as much as it a side-hug.

It'd be nice to get someone to do a rock mass, too (are you listening, U2?)

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