03 April 2008

It's FrankenSHTEEN!

Are UK churches right in condemning human-cow hybrid embryos? Personally, I've still got some questions.

First, is this going to turn into some Manbearpig-type thing?

Second, will this creature have an affinity toward leather, or find it repulsive?

Third, will they be as delicious, making cannibalism acceptable? Something like the talking cow from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe?

Fourth, will they be a person on the inside, but look like a cow on the outside? If so, will they someday host The View?

It should be noted that US churches have as of yet made no response. This is likely due to the existence of human-cow hybrids in the US already, although the preferred method is to inject the human— via ingestion— with cow in the form of hamburger.

Also, would UK churches be okay with the hybridization if the animal in question were a sheep?

Finally, I think a sea cow would have been a better choice. They could call it a "Humanatee!"


Scottish said...

More like "frankensteer," am I right? amirite?

Unknown said...

fourth question is sheer gold.

also, tomfsvj was the captca code... which by some logic would make this comment destiny!

bethanybeams said...

This news story creeped me out but I really have no good reason for that. I did like the comment I read from one of the foremost American ethicists - that crazier things could happen here because Bush keeps vetoing every bill that would regulate cloning research because each of them has included stuff about embryonic stem cells. Interesting.

Also, my captcha code is "iwhixbox," which, even if it doesn't include my name, is cool.

Anonymous said...

i'm not telling you what my code is. ha.