21 April 2008

Uncertain about this whole postmodern thing

Those crazy postmoderns are at it again, ruining Christianity for everyone else! What we need is more doctrine.

So, stand up, all you Nestorians and Docetists, you Gnostics and Waldensians. We're not sure how yet, but this postmodern thing is probably your fault.

What the world really needs now are people who are willing to be absolutely certain that they are right. Postmodernism is a tool the terrorists use to keep us from winning against them. Bastards!

Personally, I'd like to have a good ol' creed recital. We could see who could do the most elaborate ones. Anyone who can't is obviously uncertain about the truth and probably one of those postmodern heretics. Hey! We could maybe set them on fire, like we used to do to people who lacked doctrinal fortitude!


1 comment:

Ben said...

If I showed up at the creed recital with a banjo, would that make me a heretic?