26 April 2008

You Twit!

If you haven't yet signed on to the Twitter bandwagon, here's a quick reason you should: It lets bloggers half-ass their work and self-promote in 140 characters or less.

Not the best reason, sure, so here are some of my favorites from the last couple of weeks:

  • Wisdom begins in knowing just how much bullshit one is full of

  • If you own a pickup truck, make sure to get a couple of boards to keep in the bed, in case someone needs to drive a 4-wheeler up there.

  • Is a lonely solipsist ironic, or simply true?

  • The best way to make your theory irrefutable is to first make it incomprehensible.

  • You'd think the word "superfluous" would be a little more concise.

  • Ethics: the insistence upon morality by those who entirely lack it.

  • Today's aphorisms are tomorrow's fundamentals

  • If you're loaded, you're drunk. What does it mean to be overloaded?

  • You know what you never see? A panhandler handling a pan.

  • Candyland should have more opportunities for players to say, "Too rich for my blood!"

  • Everyone's an egoist but me.

  • Nostalgia was way better back in the good old days.

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