22 May 2008

Someone Did Not Eat Enough Bugs as a Child

I've covered some pretty weird topics on Meaticority. I'm pretty weird myself.

I could never have made this up.

I'm not sure I feel up to the task of highlighting the weird bits without outright copying the article. Here goes anyway, but in the second person, to really bring home the weirdness:

  • You find one and a half flies in your unopened water.

  • You are a Canadian hairdresser.

  • You are also, allegedly, a dude.

  • Your sleep and sex life are ruined by those one and a half flies.

  • The monetary value of your suffering is estimated at $341,775.

  • You win that amount from the bottling company in a court settlement,

  • You lose your settlement in an appeal.

  • You settlement stays lost when the Canadian Supreme Court unanimously decides you are pretty much a complete wuss for freaking out over one and a half flies and upholds the appeal.

I'd suggest suing the Canadian Supreme Court for being big meanies. But first, home to cry, and then freak out because your tears are made of water.

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