14 May 2008

Terrible Videos 2.0

If you thought ChristianFamilyTube.com was awesome, what with all its amazing music videos and the like, you need to check out GodTube.com. All the fun of the former, with a helping of that weird Christian trend of modifying others' logos for some vaguely evangelistic purpose.

Check out just some of what GodTube.com has to offer:

In this one, the parents go to a hotel to exchange a firm handshake:


There ain't no party like your nana's tea party:


And from the "Not Even Trying to Sound Like Christopher Walken but Doing the Skit Anyway" file:

1 comment:

Scottish said...

I dunno about you guys, but I know I cannot forget about flossing my bling-bling. That is a bridge TOO FAR!

But man, that cowbell skit was painful. The completely inept acting of the Walken player, the cowbell player not being able to stay on the beat, the hideous drum cage, the horrendous quality... wow. I couldn't make it all the way through