07 May 2008

This Post is Totally Gay

We don't want kids to read about how great homosexuality is. That's a given. Kids usually empathize with penguins and associating themselves with Tango or either of her two dads will probably ruin their impressionable little minds forever. If you don't believe me, just wait until they try to leave the house in a pair of assless chaps.

It's a shame the examples we give to our kids of what a family should be like these days. The real shame, however, is that we've drifted so far from following the Biblical examples of what a family should be like.

Kids need to see how much David loved Bathsheba— enough to send her husband off to be killed, all so they wouldn't commit adultery. It's good morals, and it shows what a loving marriage is like.

They need to know that their parents love them as much as Hannah loved Samuel. They should know their parents are so thankful to have them they'd be willing to send them off to live with a man who is a reportedly bad parent and so fat he died by breaking his own neck.

Better yet, kids should know about the best examples of parents available— Abraham and Sarah. They loved Isaac so much, they kicked out their other son, Ishmael. In fact, Abraham and Isaac were so close, Isaac didn't even object when Abraham tied him down and lifted up a knife to sacrifice him.

Do your kids— and yourself— a favor and try to get that terrible book banned. And if you want them to grow up right and know what marriages and families should really be like, just read them the Bible instead.

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