28 July 2008

Take a Knee

I took a sick day today, mainly because I was not confident I could make either the drive there or the run from my cube to the bathroom in the event I had to vomit. Corporate or no, nobody likes a puker.

A lot of people complain that on sick days, they never get to have fun. Yeah, well, you're sick, so get over it. This isn't grammar school when you pretended to have a headache so you could stay home and watch Bob Barker tell you to do horrifying if only vaguely understood things to your pets.

I hurled a couple of times today and it sucked exactly as much as hurling usually sucks. I approximated pretty well when I called in how much I'd be having today. If you're curious, my guess was "not too much."

The worst part about calling in sick and the reason I hate doing it is the feeling I get on the first day back when I'm feeling well enough to go in. For some reason, feeling better in the present alters my perception of how sick I was less than a day beforehand. As a result, I always feel like I wasted a sick day.

So today, blowing chunks; tomorrow, guilt and self-loathing. Being sick sucks.

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