18 August 2008

Back with a Bash!

As it turns out, wiping your hard drive and starting over works pretty good.

That's not the point. The point is, everyone loves Creation Moments. It's not just the absurd gaps in logic or the questionable biblical interpretation. It's the fact that Creation Moments never disappoint.

In today's, linked above, we learn something about Satan. Namely, he is like a wasp that wants to lay eggs in our brains so he can control us like little insectoid zombies. We learn by extension that there are a lot of horror movies that are even more derivative than we first suspected.

We also learn that aphids sometimes commit suicide to stop the zombie eggs, and we can stop Satan's zombie eggs by believing in Jesus. So, belief in Jesus is like suicide? I have to imagine even the Unitarian Universalists aren't going to like that and they pretty much like everything.

I guess praying to God for protection against Satan— or anything else, really— laying eggs in your brain and controlling you is pretty legit. Right up there with "Thy will be done."

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Unknown said...

haha. bash indeed.