06 August 2008

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Mechanics have to be some of the most illogical people on earth. This has nothing to do with mechanical knowledge and everything to do with socialization.

I think most people understand how unreasonable the prices quoted by mechanics can be, and that's an aspect of socialization. Mechanics don't understand how ridiculous those prices are, they're like the kid in school who inexplicably had access to just about anything restricted and who asked way too much for is services, thereby ensuring that no shenanigans of any sort ensued.

Recently, I went to a mechanic to have my car inspected. It failed due to a broken side marker, which is apparently a safety hazard even though the turn signal on that side works perfectly and partially wraps around the side of the car. Anyway, I had to get it replaced, so I went to a dealer— who managed to also have the lowest price— and installed the part. Pretty simple.

Today, I brought the car back to the mechanic who had surprisingly offered to reinspect the car for free as long as I brought it back within 30 days. When i arrived, I was told that with only one technician available that evening, they wouldn't be able to get it done today.

Now, I suppose I have an unclear understanding of everything that goes into being a mechanic, but I'm pretty sure I can look at a side marker and tell if it's working or not. In fact, I know I can, since I did so to ensure I had installed it correctly in the first place.

And even though I pointed this out and also pointed out that the inspection had been completed in full and the only thing wrong was the then malfunctioning side marker, this guy refused. I can only assume this is because of some bizarre inability to interact socially in a reasonable way with other human beings.

I'm a jerk, and I understand that, and I also get that I'm not great at picking up social cues and that I'm usually mostly unwilling to help out if I don't have to. In this situation, knowing the minimal work involved and recognizing that I almost literally did not have to get my hands dirty despite working at a job which consists entirely of getting one's hands dirty, I think I could have helped out.

And that's why all mechanics are sociopaths.

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