07 August 2008

This Is an Example of Poor Use of Negative Space

If you want an easily recognizable symbol to show kids where to go if they are threatened in any way, I think it's a good idea to pick anything unlike the Safe Place logo.

I'm confident that readers of this blog are intelligent enough to find a number of ways in which this is just wrong, but humor me as I point out one in particular: even if interpreted somewhat positively, and not in a way that would include someone groping you, the logo basically says, "Hey black kids, if you're threatened, let whitey help you. You can trust whitey."

Whichever way you understand the sign (and I hope you'll share in the comments sections), you have to agree: that logo is pretty fucking sinister.


Scottish said...

It took me years to stop viewing the sign as a fat skeleton baby growing out of the ground. The outer figure was completely lost on me.

Corn Corn said...

I have often wondered if the sign was designed by someone who, how do I say this, may not have interest in the safety of children but quite the opposite. After designing said sign, the sign was posted and the local authorities assumed that it was put up by some other department (they seem to have an endless supply of those) and by making this frequently made assumption, allowed a pedophile to market his services, with accurate graphics, and only a smidgen of false advertisement. Compared to most marketing schemes, as ill intentioned as this one may be, he should receive a hallmark saying "ya Done Good, Kid.