24 September 2008

How to Bail Out an Economy

Is your economy on the fritz? Mine sure is! Here are some easy steps to bail it out:

1) Get together about $700 billion of money that doesn't belong to you. You're going to need it for step 2.

2) Buy as much shit as you can. Just buy. Don't even look at the price, don't think about the reasons for buying one thing and not another, just buy, buy, buy. This is the key to keeping economies going!

3) Learn French, because you're kind of a socialist now.

Or, if you're the escapist type, just go watch this video of the undeniably awesome Enterprise from the upcoming Star Trek film.


Mel said...

I just got Christian Rick-rolled by Christian Erik Estrada and Christian Barry GIbb!

Unknown said...

I like to call it "Crosschecking."

Mel said...

I'm not sure I want Jesus to zap me any way he can...