07 September 2008

Wiki Wiki Wha?

One of the best features of the internet is feeling more powerful than you actually are. Anybody who has read a comments section knows this. I recently experienced this phenomenon myself when I site a had never seen or known about existed at the very moment I needed it.

Facing a slow week in religious news I could make fun of, I assumed that an entirely Christian version of Wikipedia existed. So, I typed in"wikichristian.com," which of course didn't work. But then I tried "wikichristian.org" instead. Bingo!

You'd think a religion with a strong emphasis on fellowship and community would work pretty well with the concept of a website to which the entire community can contribute. As it turns out , most of the "articles" contain little to no "content." Interestingly, "God's Word to Women" contains no less than 100 lessons.

What's most disturbing, however, is that it seems that "God's Word to Women" is essentially the only content on the entire site. Otherwise, it contains mostly outdated translations of the Bible, and Easton's Bible Dictionary. I did find one article on doctrine which probably should have contained only a link to Wikipedia's article on it.

Why, then, does wikichristian exist? Actually, that's about the only question. Answer in the comments. Also, a non sequitur.


Scottish said...

It exists because some Christians have an unquenchable thirst to have a Christian version of everything.

Unknown said...

i think it exists because it is the website for some random christian drug cult thingy... i went to the christian songs index and clicked on Kyrie Eleison (to see if they were talking about the mister mister song, i thought having the wrong name was not beyond reason)... anyways, upon clicking it said "The action you have requested is limited to users in the group user."

even their grammar is bad.

Unknown said...

...also, because i'm bored, i went to jesus freak which actually had an article... they didn't talk about the song we thought about... nope, they talked about a line in tiny dancer. my new theory is that this exists so you can entertain us.

A. User said...

You can read why it thinks it exists at: http://www.wikichristian.org/index.php/WikiChristian:About