17 July 2010

I Still Eat Your Cubans (and I Like It)

I thought I had tried all the cuban sandwiches in Rochester, but then Chris said I had to try Georgie's Bakery. As it turns out, Chris is a bona fide genius at pointing out places to get cubanos, as George Ruiz of Georgie's Bakery (and cafe!) calls them.

I'm not interested in wasting words: Georgie's makes the best damn cubano I have ever had. I'm even calling the sandwich a cubano now, that's how much my mind was blown by the experience.

BONUS: George is possibly one of the kindest cafe owners, ever. He let me try (for free!) some traditional Puerto Rican pork and rice with secret family recipe hot sauce (thanks, Abuela!) as well as a Spanish pastry with guava in it, which I think was called a quesito. I can't emphasize enough how amazing everything was, but it was fucking amazing, OK?

You can also check out the RocWiki page for Georgie's here.

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