12 April 2011

Statements, None Intended as Factual

Apparently, some internet quack decided to make a clone of me. You might think I'd support that. I mean, twice the awesomeness, right? Wrong. Why would I want to compete against myself for the Most Awesome Dude award?

Anyway, something in the genetic programming must have gone wrong, because my clone is NOT ME. He uses a lot of the same words and phrases, but he's got a whole different life. Turns out he's an OK guy. He's got a job writing copy for spam email subject lines and fortune cookie messages. He's been to France. I'm proud of the little feller, so I thought I'd share some of his tweets so you can get to know him.

He takes music very seriously:

An example of one of his spam email subject lines. I believe he won a spammy for it:

 One of his fortune cookie messages. The FDA made him add the second part:

On the importance of being certain of a pronoun's antecedent:

Transcribed from his pop-culture podcast. Great episode:

No subject is out-of-bounds. He's a rebel like that:

Using super secret spy code:

Predictions about the future of the NBA:

From his poem, "Leftover Candy":

From a review of Radiohead's The King of Limbs, on the subject of the video for their first single, "Lotus Flower":

 Turns out he penned a lot of the lyrics for Arcade Fire's most recent album:

Translation problems during his vacation to France:

On growing up on the mean streets of Burlington, VT:

Mocking his opponent, pre-showdown:

On his own future:


Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'd find this hilarious if I knew anything about twitter.

Unknown said...

Lol I know, right? It's like, "Twitter: how does that work?"

Poe said...

This makes David Lynch's Rabbits look incredibly sane.