05 December 2011

How to Not Learn from Your Mistakes

You know what's comforting? Not dealing with the unexpected. Not being blind-sided by some new, never-encountered situation. Not having to make a choice about something significant and possibly life-changing instead of simply allowing conditioned behaviors to take over and guide our actions. Not being criticized, not being wrong, and not having to think about even the possibility being wrong.

And right now, with a recession on, an impending presidential election and the resulting million GOP primary debates, and the cancellation of NBC's "The Playboy Club", our nation needs comfort more than anything. Except to cut through the bullshit and pursue a course of action that's a lucid alternative to our current, let's say, "wallowing". But don't think about that! It's not comforting!

We've got an occupation force camped out on our streets. Well, not "on" the streets, but in parks. Anyway, they've got drums and hacky sacks, and some of them are— if you can believe it— Canadians. Even wantonly pepper spraying masses of them has no effect. Don't you remember the good old days when you could go down to Zuccotti Park and split an Olde English 800 with your kid?

The good news is that we can see those days again. If we just ignore the Occupy movement, they'll give up and go home, and we'll have our country back. It worked for the Swiss in WWII.

Ignoring the real issues is patriotic. In fact, the best use for the American flag is as insulation against the cold harshness of the real world. But I think we need to do a little more than simply ignore these crazy protesters and their ridiculous list of demands for greater social and economic equality. We need to make sure we maintain the American way of life by making the same mistakes we've already made.

If we willingly get deeper in debt, buy houses we can't afford, elect unoriginal thinkers (or better yet, incumbents!) to government, and leave it to corporations to sponsor news organizations to regulate our civic awareness of current events, we'll be making the same mistakes that got us into this mess. But this time, we'll know the mess is coming, and that's comforting to know.

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