30 December 2011

Secular Western Gregorian New Year's Resolution

Over the past few years, meatiocrity (the site you're currently viewing, in case you wound here by accident, perhaps via an entirely innocent search for Rod Blagojevich hair jokes) has focused on providing half-assed smart-aleckery to you, the discerning/unintentional masses. Today I'm happy to announce that in the upcoming year, none of that will change.

But, I'll also be writing more serious pieces. Maybe some reflections or some shit like that. Maybe an essay or a book review. Maybe something funny my cat did. Hahahahaha, just kidding. My cat's not funny at all.

The point is, you can expect an even broader, crazier range of content here. Some of it will be full-assed. There'll be dumb-aleckery, which, trust me, is totally a thing. There will be a lot of it, probably.

Anyway, Happy Secular Western Gregorian New Year, everyone. Drink enough, be safe, and be cheerful.

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