07 December 2011

You Really Ought to Lock that Down

They finally sentenced Rod Blagojevich to prison today. I assume the reason is that his hair is just too awesome. Or the corruption thing. Whatever.

I'm concerned for Blago. We don't know yet if he'll be sent to a real jail or one of the jails for corrupt white people where there are no prison bitches, just prison personal assistants. He could get shanked with a shiv made from an American Express Platinum Card! I sure hope it turns out to be a real jail.

So maybe Blago definitely, absolutely tried to profit by selling Obama's senate seat. Big deal. He apologized for it! Not until after he'd been convicted and sentenced, but at least he apologized.

So let's have a little compassion. If we don't, we'll be no better than some other country that has a justice system that's more fair and equal in its treatment of all members of society, instead of one that shows leniency on privileged white people. If you won't do it for Rod Blagojevich, do it for his hair.

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