12 January 2012

How to Revitalize a Brand

I was thinking today, whatever happened to Shake 'n Bake? Is that still around?

Also, how come they never made a Shake 'n Bake product that incorporated bacon? Maybe that's why they're not doing so hot. They didn't get on the bacon train, and now they're sad and alone in a bacon-less train station.

A good solution might be for Shake 'n Bake to make a comeback via infomercial. They'd need to bring bacon on board, obviously. People will pay $17.99 for some kind of dispenser that helps you add bacon to your Shake 'n Bake meal, as long as they also get something like a premium meat sifter (valued at $35) for free, while supplies last.

Of course, the dispenser itself would need to have a second, unexpected use, like as an awkward exercise aid. Just for example.

The final component would be a spokesperson. Given the infomercial format and what I assume Shake 'n Bake's operating budget to be, it'd have to be some regionally-known celebrity from a religiously-oriented cooking show on public television.

That should do it!

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the Shake 'n Bake brand, even though they didn't ask me to, I proudly introduce The Bakin' Shaker's Shake 'n Bake Bacon Shaker Shakeweight! Not available in stores.

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